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New Online Banking Features

AllSouth is pleased to announce the ability to view certain pending transactions in online and mobile banking.

Pending ACH Transactions
You can now see if your direct deposit is about to post and when it actually posts.  You can also see when certain bill pay transactions are scheduled to post.

Pending Debit Card Transactions
You may have noticed that sometimes your current balance and your "available" balance aren't always the same.  This is usually because you've made a purchase with your debit card and the funds are on hold.  Now you can actually see where the purchase was made and for how much.  Please note, the amount on hold and the amount that actually posts could be different amounts.  For instance, if you use your debit card to pay $8 for lunch but then leave a $2 tip (also on the card), the amount on hold will only be $8 but the amount that posts will be the total amount you spent - $10.  Remember to always keep your receipts.