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Traditional IRA

Is a Traditional Individual Retirement Account right for you?

A Traditional IRA is a potentially tax deferred** retirement plan. You don’t pay taxes on the contributions until the funds are withdrawn. You are eligible to make contributions to a Traditional IRA as long as you have earned income and are under the age of 70 ½.

Put your Traditional Retirement Funds in either a Traditional IRA Savings Account or Traditional IRA Certificate.

Type IRA Savings 12 Month Add On Certificate 12/18/30 Month IRA Certificate
Minimum deposit required to start saving $25* $100 $500

* Transfers from IRAs at other institutions, or rollovers from your Employer’s Retirement Plan do not require an initial contribution. Visit any convenient branch or contact us for more information and assistance with paperwork.

**Please consult your tax advisor as an IRA may have tax advantages.

Click here for more information on dollar limitations on benefits and contributions.