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Report Fraud

At AllSouth Federal Credit Union, we will never request your online password.  We strongly suggest that you do not share this information with anyone under any circumstances.  Be wary of emails or individuals who ask for this information.  Sharing your User Name and Passwords will give the individual full access to your accounts. 

If suspect fraud or believe you've been the victim of identity theft, we're here to help. Based on the information you provide, we may recommend that you close your account(s) and obtain a new account number.  You won’t be liable for any fraudulent activity.

If you think your identity has been stolen:

  1. Contact AllSouth Federal Credit Union immediately by calling (803)736-3110 or 1-800-272-0695 (outside the Columbia SC area) or visiting your nearest branch to report any fraudulent activity you’ve seen and to close any accounts that have been tampered with or fraudulently established.
  2. Contact the 3 major credit bureaus listed below to place a fraud alert on your credit file. You also can order a credit report to identify any unauthorized activity.

The fraud alert requests creditors to contact you before opening any new accounts. As soon as one credit bureau confirms your fraud alert, the other 2 credit bureaus will be automatically notified and all 3 credit reports will be sent to you free of charge.

  1. Close other accounts that you know or believe have been tampered with or fraudulently opened. Use the ID Theft Affidavit PDF (requires installing Adobe Reader for PDF) when disputing unauthorized accounts.
  2. File a police report. Get a copy of the report to submit to your creditors and others that may require proof of the crime.
  3. Report identity theft with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and get a recovery plan. The FTC maintains a database of identity theft cases used by law enforcement agencies for investigations.