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New Website Coming Soon

In just a few weeks, we'll be introducing a new look and feel to our website. We've designed our new website with you in mind, and can't wait for you to see the new look. Here are just a few of the features that you can expect.

  • Updated menu and options for easier navigation.
  • Easier access to online services to help you get your banking done.
  • New search feature to help you find the information you're looking for.
  • "Learn" menu option with fast access to our latest financial tips and resources. 
  • Rate highlights throughout the website so you can quickly see current rates on some of our most popular products. 
  • Designed to provide a better user experience whether you're viewing our website on a desktop or mobile device.

While the look of our website might be changing, these changes will not impact your accounts or Online and Mobile Banking.

Have more questions? Here's additional information to help.

Will AllSouth's website address be changing?

No, our website address will not be changing. To view our website, you’ll continue to visit

Will this change effect my accounts?

No, the updates to our website will not have any impact on your accounts or how you access and use Online and Mobile Banking. 

How will the new website impact Online Banking?

Good news, it won’t! You will continue accessing Online and Mobile Banking the same way you always have. There will be a “LOG IN” option at the top of our new website where you will enter your current User ID and Password to access Online Banking. 

How will the new website impact the Mobile Banking app?

Good news, it won't! You will continue logging in as normal using our current Mobile Banking App.