Our Certificates1 offer a simple way for you to save while earning more when compared to dividends earned in our traditional Savings account. Decide how long and how much you’d like to save, open your Certificate (online2 or at one of our locations), sit back, and let your account do the rest.

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Earn More With Our 12 Month Certificate

Looking to earn more with your money? With our 12 Month Certificate, you could earn dividends as high as 4.58% APY3. Visit one of our locations or open an account online today.

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Share Certificates

A savings plan with a fixed minimum term and minimum initial deposit. Our Certificates typically earn a higher dividend rate compared to our Membership Savings account.

  • Terms from three months to sixty months.
  • Require an initial deposit of $1,000.
  • Once your term is up, you have seven business days to withdraw all or just a portion of your saved funds.
  • 3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month Certificates can be opened online. Longer term certificates including our 24 Month, 36 Month, and 60 Month terms can be opened by visiting one of our locations.


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Add-On Certificate

Just getting started on your savings journey? Our 12 Month Add-On Certificate is a flexible Certificate that allows you to add to it at any time and with any amount that makes you comfortable through Online and Mobile Banking or with an automatic transfer.

  • Requires an initial deposit of only $100.
  • Once the 12 month term is up, you have seven business days to withdraw all or just a portion of your saved funds.
  • You can easily open online or at one of our locations.

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IRA Certificates

In addition to our Shared Certificates, we also offer IRA Certificates to help you save for retirement. An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a tax-advantaged investment account for retirement savings.4 You can earn dividends like a Share Certificate and enjoy benefits of an IRA at the same time.

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