Managing Your Credit

What is credit? Credit is the ability to acquire a product or service with the agreement to pay for it later. Your credit is a reflection of how you manage your finances. Today, credit is important because most businesses use it to determine employment, loan approval for homes and vehicles, cell phones, utilities, credit cards, auto insurance, and more. When managed properly, credit can help you obtain financial success. However, when credit is mismanaged, it can cost you time and thousands of dollars.

6 Helpful Budgeting Tips

Budgeting is key to understanding your finances and answering the question 'where does all my money go?'. It doesn't have to be complex.

Difference Between Your Current and Available Balance

Yes, you read that right, your checking account actually has two kinds of balances: the Current Balance and the Available Balance.

Understanding Your Credit Report

It doesn't matter if you're debt-free, a millionaire, or trying to establish or rebuild credit, you should be aware of what's on your credit report.

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