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To learn more about scams and how to protect yourself from them, visit the NCUA's Fraud Prevention Center.

These are the most common types of scams we see. Be on the lookout!

Fraudulent Official Check Scams

Consumers have reported receiving a fraudulent AllSouth official check referring to lottery winnings. The letter that comes with the check typically states the funds have been deducted from the "winnings" and are to be used to pay taxes, insurance, and shipping and handling charges. The consumer may also be directed to contact their "claims agent."  This is a scam.

Social Media Scams

Credit union members are being victimized by new money mule scams posted on social media sites. After members provide their online banking login credentials, the fraudsters deposit counterfeit checks through mobile remote deposit capture (mobile RDC) service. The members are then instructed to withdraw the funds, and split the proceeds with the fraudster. AllSouth will never ask for your account log-in information and credentials. Do not respond to such requests you may receive.

Text Message Scams

Text message scams are becoming more popular. You may receive a text that states your card has been locked and to call a phone number not related to AllSouth. You are then asked to provide your card information as well as other personal information. Do NOT call or respond to this or any suspicious message.