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Checking & Savings

As an AllSouth member, you're eligible for a number of different savings and checking options. When you open an account you'll receive great benefits and support for your account at our locations, in our Contact Center, or through our online channels. 


Your checking account is a tool you use more often than you know, whether you're using an ATM, writing a birthday check for your nephew, or just using your debit card at a nice dinner out. You need a partner who is going to work with you to find the type of checking account that works best for you and your needs--and give you all the benefits you deserve. We even offer special accounts just for teens so they can start to learn money management early. 

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Your savings account represents possibilities. Those numbers on your statement are more than just dollars. They're vacations in the Caribbean, a college education for your child, a cushion for unexpected emergencies. We want all our members to have possibilities, that's why we offer savings accounts for every stage of your life. 

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