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We understand that life happens and can lead to expenses you're not always prepared for. From planning for a wedding to replacing a leaky faucet, we want to provide you with options to help you save for whatever your future expenses might be.  Explore the options we have and find the right account so you can start saving today.

Membership Savings

At AllSouth, you're not just a number, you're a member. You become a member by opening a Membership Savings account with a $10 deposit.

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Super Saver

Teach the children in your life the importance of saving at an early age by getting them started with their very own Super Saver Savings account. Our Super Saver account is designed for children 12 and under. Once they turn 13, their account automatically becomes a Membership Savings account they can continue to use.

  • Only $10 to get the account started.
  • Available to kids 0-12 years of age who fall within our field of membership and have a social security number. 

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Christmas Club

While the holidays can be a great time of year, we understand they can also be one of the most expensive times of the year. Our Christmas Club account allows you to save throughout the year so you are prepared for holiday expenses and can hopefully enjoy the holidays even more. 

  • Only $2 to get the account started. 
  • We'll waive the $2 opening deposit if you have direct deposit or automatic transfers set up.
  • Money you’ve saved throughout the year will automatically transfer to your AllSouth Checking or Savings account the first week of November. 
  • Make a deposit by December 31 to keep your Christmas Club account active for the next year. 

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Cookie Jar Club

Planning for a family vacation or saving for a rainy day? Our Cookie Jar Club account is limited to four withdrawals per year making it less tempting to withdrawal the money you've worked hard to save. Open a Cookie Jar Club account today and start saving for your expected and unexpected expenses. 

  • Only $2 to get the account started. 
  • We'll waive the $2 opening deposit if you have direct deposit or automatic transfers set up.
  • Limited to four withdrawals per year.

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Money Market

Money Market accounts offer the flexibility of a checking account with the earning power of a savings account. Our tiered structure means the higher your balance the higher your dividend rate. A minimum balance of $1,000 is required. With this account, you can complete up to six withdrawals per month. 

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Looking for an account where you can set money aside for a longer period of time and earn a higher dividend rate? Our Certificates1 offer a fixed term option so you can earn more. We also have a 12 Month Add-On Certificate2 that you can get started with $100 and it allows you to make deposits of any amount at anytime you want. 

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1For Certificates with maturities less than nine (9) months, dividends will be compounded and credited at maturity. For Certificates with maturities equal to or greater than nine (9) months, dividends will be compounded quarterly and credited quarterly. Certificates are subject to penalty for early withdrawal. Fees and withdrawals may reduce earnings on the account. $1,000 minimum balance to open. 
212 Month Add-On Certificate and 12 Month IRA Add-On Certificate: $100 minimum balance to open.  
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

IRAs are long term savings plans designed to build up wealth during your working years so you can retire with ease and peace of mind. 

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Financial Education

Check out our blog for tips on home buying, saving money, keeping your accounts secure and more.